Athena Grey Matt Finish PVC Wall Panels


Features and Benefits of Grey Stone Matt Finish PVC Wall Panels

Athena Grey Matt Finish PVC Wall Panels have a matt finish which creates a stunning look in any room. Easy to clean and the tongue and groove edges provide easy fitting. Perfect for Bathrooms and Wetrooms. TITAN PVC Wall Panels work perfectly with all TITAN Aquamax Showerwall Panels, Ceiling Panels and Urban Panels. We also have a large range of PVC Wall and Ceiling Panel Accessories to ease the task of fitting and ensure a perfect finish.

  • TITAN Wall Panels have a stronger construction providing greater impact and compression resistance than many other available pvc wall panels.
  • Thicker smoother surface finish does not show the cellular structure through the face of the panel and provides a better surface for the printed designs to be applied.
  • TITAN Wall Panels use a thicker construction that makes them better for cutting and working with during installation.
  • With a close fitting robust joint between PVC Panels, they provide an excellent fit when installed to create a professional finish.

Athena Grey Matt Finish PVC Wall Panels utilise a Twin Wall Fixing Lip

By using a twin wall fixing lip this eliminates the problem of the fixing lip splitting during installation. This is a common problem when using single lip PVC Panels. A Twin Wall fixing lip is much easier to install if using screws as it provides greater control for the installer. This is because the screws have material for the threads to bite into with the lip being twice as thick. When installing using screws the Twin Walled structure will compress as the screw is tightened to ensure that the screw head does not obstruct the joint when installing the next panel.

PVC Wall Panels Material & Open Construction

TITAN PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels are light and easy to handle during installation due to their open construction. Once installed they Hygienic and Easy to Clean, and due to the panel design provide better Insulation. PVC Ceiling and Wall Panels are Rot proof and Waterproof, which is the perfect solution for bathrooms, showers enclosures or wetrooms.

Fire Rated PVC Wall Panels

TITAN Athena Grey Matt Finish PVC Wall Panels and PVC Ceiling Panels are Class 1 Fire rated and are suitable for commercial and public sectors. All flammability test certificates are available to download from our Guides & Certificates page.

PVC Panel Installation

TITAN PVC Panels offer many benefits, they are waterproof, maintenance free, extremely versatile and very easy to install when following our installation guide. Our panels can be easily applied to any surface. by fitting them yourself using our easy guide, you won’t have to hire costly professionals. With all panels using a simple tongue and groove system you only need simple tools to fit and attach them.

In the majority of the cases there is virtually no preparation needed – the panels can go straight onto brick, cement block, plaster, timber wall studs or stud-work and can even go over existing ceramic tiles. Panels are normally fixed vertically i.e. from floor to ceiling; however panels may also be fitted horizontally if the shape of the room makes this an easier option. Similarly, ceiling panels can be run in either direction. Of course, you may have a preference as to which way you would like run the panels for visual effect.

Have a question or need advice about TITAN Athena Grey Matt Finish PVC Wall Panels?

If you have a query about any of the range of TITAN Wall and Ceiling Panels, you can contact us by phone, email. Or you visit our North East Showroom, and see the range of available wall and ceilings panels, and also the wide selection of bathroom suites we have available. Unsure how many panels you will need? Or which accessories you can use or just information on how to install our PVC Panels? Get in touch and we will more than happy to help.

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